Developing trust through our action, communicating do what I say and say what I do, reporting to stakeholders, taking a long-term approach to employees, clients and partners and being recognised as legitimate actors.


Being a responsible company that knows and respects its values, integrates standards, and works according to best practice. Combining overall vision of the context and knowledge of the ground, operating in “2 heads-4 eyes” pairs and being the guarantor of the client’s interests.


Innovation is part of the company’s DNA and this pioneering spirit is reflected in a permanent healthy rivalry in the teams, to work, reflect and progress with our clients.


ISO certifications

ISO doubly certifiedPremier Property Manager certifications!!

Yxime works in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 certification which we have held since 2010.

Yxime makes the improvement of its processes and practices for respect of the environment central to its concerns. That is why we were the first property manager to have obtained ISO 14001 certification in 2013, for property management activities, rental management and technical management in the Paris region.


Sustainable Development

At our headquarters, in our Paris region offices and on the stationed sites, we undertake to manage our activities, our assignments and the related service provider and supplier contracts with respect for the environment through :

Compliance with applicable environmental regulatory and other requirements,
Establishing waste recycling whenever possible,
Control over energy consumption and other resources, while ensuring the user’s comfort is maintained,
The choice of suppliers and service providers who have the same concerns as Yxime in relation to quality and the environment,
The reduction as far as possible of risks of pollution, in particular in connection with the use of chemical products (mainly for maintenance and cleaning operations).