Yxime works in the main property markets:

  • Tertiary (offices, restaurants, co-owned apartment blocks, complex buildings)
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Public assets

This expertise allows it to meet all of its clients’ needs by offering tailored services regardless of the type, size and location of the property in question.



As an Owner, Investor, Asset Manager or Fund Manager, your concern is managing and enhancing the value of your property assets. As a user, your concern is the performanceof your property.

Regardless of the type, size or location of your property, we endeavour to satisfy all your needs with the right service off er.

For the proper management of your building we recommend :

  • A technical team to look after your property on the ground
  • A management team to meet your requirements
  • An accounting team to look after your interests

We propose a range of services to occupiers :

  • Concierge service
  • Gym
  • Conference centre
  • Services for individuals

and are able to assist you in working towards receiving accreditation for your property (HQE, BREAM, LEED, etc.).

A few references :

  • Paris Victoire building (Paris), Etoile Saint Honoré building (Paris),
  • Porte Sud building (Toulouse)

Service offer:

  • Rental management
  • Charge management
  • Technical management (stationed site/multi-site)
  • Project Management


RIE (inter-company staff restaurants and company staff restaurants)

The inter-company staff restaurant (RIE) is at the heart of your building and the concerns of your tenants (WC/H&S Committee). An area of relaxation and well-being for users, it has specific management requirements.

In a highly regulated environment our RIE expertise division assists you in creating the structure and establishing the caterer.

Our everyday mission is to represent the users in relation to the collective catering companies to monitor :

  • the quality of the service, and the control of costs for the consumers,
  • the observance of specific regulatory constraints,
  • compliance with hygiene standards.

We place sustainable development at the heart of staff restaurant management which means we have to manage all the issues.

A few references:

  • RIE EUROPLAZA tower: 850 covers/day
  • RIE The Louvre des Antiquaires: 650 covers/day…
  • RIE IRISIUM Lille: 100 covers/day

Key figures

  • Nearly 50 series managed of the territory for 5 million meals served per year

Service offer :

  • Establishment of the structure: grouping or Association
  • Audit of the structure
  • Administrative, legal, accounting and technical management of the RIE
  • The «green» RIE


Free Urban Property Association – AFUL
Free Condominium Association – ASL
Co-Owners Association – SDC
Economic Interest Grouping – GIE

Manage, operate, and coordinate a community of customers through ad hoc legal structures proactively.

Our task is to :

  • Set up a separate bank account to ensure transparency of
    the financial flows,
  • Monitor expenditure rigorously in line with the approved budget,
  • Ensure compliance with the legal and accounting provisions and plan ahead for changes to them,
  • Create a close relationship with the members of the Condominium Associations

A few references

  • Management of the ASL VELIZY, and the 7 SDCs in the prior period, covering a total of 3 hectares in all
  • Ordinal
  • Le Dôme

Key figures

  • 53 Structures

Service offer:

  • Manage SDCs and AFULs successively
  • Manage staff , their supervision and career plans
  • Write and audit in-house and condominium rules
  • Define multi-year work plans
  • Control the risks
  • Optimise and enhance the building (parking/advertising)


For over 15 years our teams have managed and operated complex or large size buildings including Very Tall Buildings (IGH) and Establishments Receiving the Public (ERP).

Since we manage your property on the ground, we forge a relationship with your tenants on an everyday basis.

Our specialised on-site teams control the regulatory aspects and the operational management of highly technical facilities. In addition to experienced trained technicians, Yxime has heads of security and Unique Security Managers(RUS).

A few references:

  • BIOCITECH (Romainville)
  • IN OUT building (Boulogne-Billancourt)
  • PSA (Aulnay sous Bois)
  • 30 buildings over the whole country
  • including 20 properties of offi ce spaces of at least 30,000 sqm in the Paris Region

Service offer:

  • Building Manager, on-site team
  • Internal Security Agent
  • Unique Security Manager
  • Handyman
  • Engineering Advice
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental accreditation


Our Logistics Expertise division recognised by the market operators (shippers, logistics operators, carriers) provides you support with your routine management, regardless of your property:

  • Isolated warehouse
  • Business premises
  • Multimodal platform

Our environment protection classifi ed facilities (ICPE) experts deploy all the skills and expertise necessary to manage your property in full:

  • Regulatory controls
  • Relations with the environmental authorities
  • Monitoring of classified facilities regulations
  • Monitoring of SEVESO standards
  • Relationship with the administrative authorities

Our regional network working with your property and your tenants provides the routine management of your logistics base.

A few references:

  • Strasbourg
  • Lesquin

Chiffres clés

  • 500.000 m² managed including 1 site SEVESO
  • Services offer:
  • Rental management
  • Charge management
  • Technical management
  • technical audit
  • Upgrade to the standards

Yxime est membre d’AFILOG : www.afilog.org


Our retail expertise division, regardless of the type of your property:

  • Shopping Centre
  • Shopping Mall
  • Retail Park
  • Shop on the ground floor of a building

brings together the skills:

  • Marketing: promotion, communication plan, merchandising, sales revenue analysis
  • Commercial management
  • Rental management: management, renewal and negotiation of leases
  • Property or Condominium Management:

that allow us to scale our off ers in line with your needs:

  • Surface area
  • Geographical Situation
  • Site
  • Traffic
  • Profitability

A few references:

  • Passage du Havre: 20 million visitors per year
  • Vastned

Service offer :

  • Centre Management
  • Charge management
  • Unique Security Manager mandate
  • Multi-year work plans
  • On-site management
  • Security department
  • Condominium Management Co


Public property

We provide support to local authorities and public institutions and conurbations of municipalities with managing and enhancing their property.

Our expertise division assists you with the inventory, identification and control of risks for owners and upgrading the quality of your assets.

By combining the consulting activities of the Duval group, we are able to defi ne and advise you in preparing the blueprint for streamlining the assets.

A few references :

  • RSI National Fund
  • Etablissement Public Foncier d’Île-de-France

Key figures:

  • 6.913 managed buildings and 8.900 agreements established, 19 office buildings, 600 managed properties.

Service offer:

  • Enhancement of Public Property
  • Organisation
  • Inventories and multi-year plans
  • Rental management
  • Steering of projects