eric duval

Adding value : Yxime’s core business.

Yxime’s core business is adding value, regardless of whether this is achieved through consulting, property, assets or facility management. Although real estate assets are central to its missions, creating the right environment for building users is also preponderant.

A subsidiary of the Eric Duval group, it is an integral part of its network of real estate skills and contributes to creating synergies. Its proactive vision is a real strength in the market, in particular as regards environmental and sustainable development issues.

The only Property Manager both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, among the founders of the APROMA, one of whose main goals is to promote ethical practices, Yxime strives to optimise the quality frameworks of its profession.

Eric Duval thus has a real performance lever that it is able to use in the interest of both investors and users.

Founder-Chairman of the Duval group

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